Bitmessage Daemon

I wrote a command line interface to assist with setting up and managing Bitmessage Daemons. Especially useful for headless servers.


Introduction to Bitmessage, the P2P anonymous messenger service.


My first experience with the rtl-sdr dongle and upconverter to receive various radio signals.

PISCES Conference Hawai'i

DIY Steadicam

How to make a ~$25.00 Steadicam for your hand held camera. Starting with a parts list of things I purchased from Lowes.

Lunabotics 2012

My second time participating in the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition and we won!


I passed the exam and am now a licensed ham radio operator.

Lunabotics 2011

My first time participating in the NASA Lunbotics Mining Competition.

Tornado - April 27, 2011

On April 27, 2011 Several devastating storms tore across the South Eastern United States. One storm spawned a tornado that passed through Tuscaloosa, Alabama and The University of Alabama. It created a path straight through my apartment complex, and me. Here is a video of the tornado shortly before it reached us.

Stereo Cooler

I essentially stole this idea after seeing it at a friends party. However, I think that I improved on the concept some. Basically it is a regular cooler with a car battery and car stereo / car radio built in. This write up should serve as a decent How-To build a ...