I built my own PiAware ADS-B receiver using a C.H.I.P computer.

Rockmite 20m Transceiver

Assembling the Rockmite ][ 20m ham radio CW (morse code) transceiver and receiving first transmissions. My first HF transceiver.


Weatherproof enclosure for rtl-sdr radio and RaspberryPi that is PoE (power over ethernet).

Tor Dongle

Or using a BeagleBone Black as a secure Tor gateway for your computer.

DIY Bench Top Power Supply

As a hobbyist and tinkerer, I am constantly in need of low voltage DC. Primarily 5V and 12V. Instead of spending money for a variable power supply (which are nice and I would absolutely love to have one) I decided to make one myself. I chose to utilize a computer ...


My first experience with the rtl-sdr dongle and upconverter to receive various radio signals.


I passed the exam and am now a licensed ham radio operator.

Stereo Cooler

I essentially stole this idea after seeing it at a friends party. However, I think that I improved on the concept some. Basically it is a regular cooler with a car battery and car stereo / car radio built in. This write up should serve as a decent How-To build a ...

Microcontroller Launcher

An Arduino powered model rocket or firework launcher. Requires passcode and key to operate variable launch sequence.

High Altitude Glider

This is a project that I have been working on (mentally) for quite some time now. It is great that I am actually making progress after several years of thought organizing. Basically I want to make a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will be attached to a weather balloon and ...